Legend of Rain Bird

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Birth of Rain Bird company

Orton Englehart a South-Californian fruit-farmer invented and patented the very first impact sprinkler on the World in 1933.

Patent entitled the "Spring activated impact-arm driven sprinkler" has revolutionized irrigation, as it has made possible the relatively even water distribution of large fields with good efficiency.

Neighbours of Mr. Engelhart, Clem and Mary LaFetra have been realized quickly the excellence of this sprinkler and set up a workshop for production. The world-widely well-known Rain Bird Manufacturing Corporation has been grown from this workshop.

The name of the company is originated from an ancient Indian legend.

Once upon a time long time ago the Earth was ravaged by a huge drought, plants withered and springs became dry. Everybody had been given up hope already in the drought taken one full generation but not the children. Once a big bird settled to the field hearing the simple entreaties of children, had taken flight to the sky and has sent the long desired, life-saving rain. This bird was the rain bird.

The first impact sprinkler on the World had been declared to an industrial historic monument in the US.


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