Highland golf course

The first golf course in Budapest (or the second!)
Installation of irrigation system of Highland Golf Course has been finished.

Water used for irrigation with reduced price

Since Spring of 2004 there is an opportunity to reduce the cost of water. Every land-owner could apply for a reduced fee for the water used for irrigation purpose.

After filling the forms, water authority could give you a permission to install a secondary water meter in the irrigation line.


If you have obtained the permit, the irrigation system could be connected to the secondary water meter, and the bill would be reduced by about 50% regarding the volume used for irrigation.

Our premises

Office and warehouse building


Technoconsult Ltd. has a new office-warehouse facility, where we could serve our partners better.  The new architectural building includes sales desk, showroom, offices, lecture room and warehouse.

A parking facility as well as a truck entrance enhance our comfort.

You are welcome to see us on our nice premises.

Our address: 2092 Budakeszi, Szürkebarát str. 1.

Phone: +36 23 458-140    Fax: +36 23 458-149


Irrigation system of St. Lawrence Golf Club has been finished

Rain Bird type irrigation system of  the 9 hole St. Lawrence Golf club has been finished according to the plans and installation of Technoconsult Ltd. This is the first golf course in the Pest side of the city which can be found directly at the beginning of M5 motorway.  The decoder type controller system can be enlarged easily with the finishing of the new holes.

Legend of Rain Bird

Birth of Rain Bird company

Orton Englehart a South-Californian fruit-farmer invented and patented the very first impact sprinkler on the World in 1933. Patent entitled the "Spring activated impact-arm driven sprinkler" has revolutionized irrigation, as it has made possible the relatively even water distribution of large fields with good efficiency.


Technoconsult Vízgépészeti Kft.

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