Internet based controllers


The state-of-art controllers have a remote access that makes capable of reaching the device from cellular phone, tablet or PC anywhere of the world. Even if you are standing next to the controller or are abroad, a touch on the screen could bring you all the necessary information. In this way you could check the operation or you could modify the schedule or the set values. Graphical display reveals the changes to have an instant understanding.


Irrigation controllers have an offline operational mode to ensure proper irrigation at all the time, and on online mode the irrigation run time, schedule, master valve, rain sensor could be set. The access to internet weather stations makes possible to pick nearest observation points. Based on past and predicted weather conditions, the controller automatically modify the amount of water distributed on the zone, i.e. increase or decrease the set values or simply stop the irrigation to avoid surplus watering. In this way significant amount of water could be saved and so the water bill could be reduced.


Pool controllers are also ensure steady operation in offline mode. In online access the program could be accessed, preset values could be modified and devices could be turned on or off. Historical data could be seen in a graphical display. The pool controller is maintaining the water temperature, water level, circulation pump, lights, and other pumps and valves, such as a fountain connected to the pool. Even a musical fountain could be made by easily ceating a coreography to a piece of music and store the program data in the device.

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